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Pulsed Laser Sources


MONTFORT Laser is specialized in particularly compact pulsed laser sources that are unique in their extremely small foot print and laser performance achieved. For example, more than 120 mJ energy in <8 ns laser pulses are available from <2 kg all-in-one lasers including the driver, enabling next generation portable or mobile or even battery powered instrumentation in various fields. Find out more about our products:


M-NANO All-In-One Nanosecond Lasers M-FEMTO & M-PICO Specialty Oscillators

Spark(l)ing Applications ...

... with MONTFORT Laser sources as a standard M-NANO can generate sparks in air when the beam is focused with a simple lens!  Among other applications possible with our lasers, this capability of making sparks in gases, liquids and solid materials is used in LIBS - Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy - and enables fast and precise elemental analysis used in various applications ranging from contamination analysis, industrial process analysis, debris analysis, food analysis, etc etc.  See here how easy it is to generate sparks in air in just 5 minutes from unpacking the laser!

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M-NANO products suitable for spark generation

About us

We at MONTFORT Laser are committed to providing the most compact pulsed laser sources with high peak powers in the kW and MW regime from an exceptionally small foot print.  The products are designed for applications in science, analysis, test & measurement, medical, defense and materials processing applications.  We offer customization to specific applications and requirements - challenge us with your specific needs!

The main focus lies on nanosecond lasers and ultrafast specialty laser sources, which we deliver all around the world.

We have continuous and focused R&D activities for developing next generation laser sources with even more demanding properties.


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M-NANO Integrated

"All-in-one" Series

with >100 mJ energy spec levels available from these <~8-ns Nd:YAG nanosecond lasers, the M-NANO models offer a peak power of up to >20MW at high efficiency and excellent beam quality due to diode-pumping.  These M-NANO laser models are ideally suited for mobile or portable applications in LIBS, PIV, LIDT, Photoacoustics for example.  The driver electronics is included in the small foot print, enabling weight-critical portable and battery powered application.

Based on a robust and simple design, different specification levels are available as shown in the product pages.


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(oscillators only)

with Ytterbium or Nd:Vanadate as the host solid state laser material.  Available with up to >100 W average output power (if amplified) or up to multi-Watt levels.  Pulse durations are from sub-100-fs from Ytterbium lasers ranging up to the picosecond regime for both Ytterbium and Nd:Vanadate type of lasers. The spectrum of these modelocked oscillators is typically narrow or transform-limited due to the modelocking mechanism applied.  These modelocked laser oscillators are intended for research applications.  Options include frequency conversion (e.g. SHG - second harmonic generation) and a synchronization (SYNC) option.


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