Montfort Laser



MONTFORT Laser is a laser enterprise which specializes on particularly compact pulsed laser sources mainly for scientific applications, analysis, test & measurement, defense and materials processing applications.


History RnD Quality Team



Founded in 2011 by Dr. Daniel Kopf, former founder and CEO of High Q Laser (now part of Newport), the company commercializes novel laser schemes, with pulse energies from the nanojoule to the 100mJ levels, with unique compactness.

The name MONTFORT represents both regional tradition combined with strong concepts and products, as the name is borrowed from the regional noble family of Montfort which lived and ruled nearby the Lake of Constance in the medieval times…




Montfort is actively engaged in leading research and development, both triggered by customers as well as state or European programs, together with leading international research partners.



We value quality among the top priorities and have implemented a Management System with ISO 9001:2015 certification. Download the certificate here. We are convinced that quality comes from both processes and from good technical solutions, likewise, carefully applied by the team.



A strong production, engineering and R&D team is at your service for making and developing next generation laser sources.  Many years of combined experience show a proven track record of successful completion of challenging projects with respect to both laser performance and unique compactness requirements. The team is strengthened by a few key collaboration and out-sourcing partners who bring their own profound expertise as specialists to the team.


Please contact us with your requirements directly.