M-FEMTO 100W Amplified Modelocked Oscillator System [PR150]

Compact high power, high repetition rate femtosecond laser source with excellent beam quality, high average power, and a pulse duration of <100fs ... 2 ps (pls specify). Based on a modelocked oscillator which uses solition modelocking pulse formation to obtain clean, sech^2-shaped pulses, which are then amplified to the >50W or >100W level.

Average output power 50 … 100 W
Pulse energy, max. nJ ... uJ
Pulse duration (FWHM) <100 fs … 2 ps
Wavelength (center) 1030 … 1045 nm

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For academic research purposes, this integrated (closed box) ultrafast laser source is based on an amplified, diode-pumped Ytterbium solid-state laser, is pumped by external fiber-coupled laser diodes (included). The modelocked oscillator pulse formation is done by soliton modelocking resulting in clean, sech^2-shaped pulses, which are then amplified to the >50W or >100W level.


Narrow linewidth is available for picosecond pulse durations.


Down to <100fs pulse durations available (note the spectral width then).


This high-power ultrafast laser platform has average powers up to >100 W, pulse energies up to >1 uJ, and pulse durations as short as <100 fs or as long as several picoseconds at narrow linewidth. The system has great compactness and excellent beam quality. The integrated M‐FEMTO Ytterbium solid state oscillator generates soliton‐like, transform‐limited pulses, which are then amplified to the 100W level in a single‐stage setup. The high efficiency allows wall plug operation. Temperature stabilization is provided by a closed‐loop chiller, also wall‐plug operated.


Applications include Terahertz generation, optical parametric amplification, nonlinear optics, ultrafast studies, fine micro machining, high energy physics.


please inquire about your specific requirements


Average output power, min. >50 W or >100 W (dep. on model)
Pulse energy up to >1 uJ
Pulse duration (FWHM, sech²) <100fs or <200fs
Wavelength (center) 1035
Pulse repetition rate 50 ... 150 MHz
Beam quality M² <1.2
Size (laser head) 1000 x 200 x 150 mm3
Size (controller, included) 19" rack, 8 HU