M-NANO 80mJ 10Hz Nd:YAG All-in-one ns Laser [PR139]

Extremely compact and low-weight (<2kg) All-in-One 80-mJ-level (10Hz), pulsed Nd:YAG laser head with integrated control electronics and laser diode current driver. Generates laser pulse energies up to >80 mJ, pulse durations of <~8 ns at a pulse repetition rates of 10 Hz, or lower energy at higher repetition rate.

Average output power 1 W
Pulse energy, max. 80 mJ
Pulse duration (FWHM) 8 ns (+/-5ns)
Wavelength (center) 1064 nm

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This uniquely compact 80-mJ-level, pulsed Nd:YAG laser head has an integrated control electronics and laser diode current driver and generates laser pulse energies up to >80mJ and pulse durations of <~8 ns at a pulse repetition rate of 10Hz, and lower energy at higher rep rate.


This extremely small laser head is suited for space-constrained and handheld or portable applications (total weight <2 kg). The laser can be integrated in the user’s setup and just needs to be mounted onto a sub-mount capable of taking the head away during operation to avoid heat accumulation. The user simply provides an external 24-28 VDC power supply, some commands over RS232 or USB and perhaps a pulse trigger (TTL) in case of externally triggering.


Inquire about higher pulse energies, higher repetition rates, harmonics, burst mode, extended temperature ranges -20°C...+60°C or -40°C...+60°C.


Benefits: In contrast to existing flash-lamp-pumped Nd:YAG technologies, this laser is laser-diode-pumped, and the conductively cooled laser diode stack is included in the laser head. Not only the compactness but also lower electrical power consumption, lower weight, maintenance-free operation and improved beam quality, divergence and focusability are achieved and result in improved application results.


Applications: The compactness and low weight enable applications that were not possible with existing flash-lamp pumped technologies, including handheld or portable applications and other applications with critical space and/or weight constraints. Applications of these compact laser sources include – besides scientific applications – laser analytics, LIBS (Laser-induced break-down spectroscopy), optical component damage testing, PIV (Particle image velocimetry), LIDAR (Light detection and ranging), Photoacoustic Imaging, Defense, optical amplification, etc.


Average output power up to >1 W @20Hz
Pulse energy, max. up to >80 mJ @10Hz,
>50 mJ @20Hz
Pulse duration (FWHM) 8 ns (+/-5ns)
Wavelength (center) 1064 nm
Pulse repetition rate up to 20 Hz (inquire for higher)
Beam quality M², typical 2 ~ 3
Size (laser head incl. controller/driver) 140 x 132 x 64 mm3
Cooling requirement provide heat sink @ 0...40°C
Power supply provide 24-28 VDC