M-NANO 120mJ 20Hz Nd:YAG All-in-one ns Laser [PR193]

OEM model, for integration only, not for laboratory use.  Extremely compact and low-weight (<2kg) All-in-One 120-mJ-level, pulsed OEM Nd:YAG nanosecond laser head with integrated control electronics and laser diode current driver. Generates laser pulse energies up to >120 mJ, pulse durations of <~8ns at 20 Hz repetition rate. Please inquire for other values.

Average output power 2.4 W
Pulse energy, max. 120 mJ
Pulse duration (FWHM) 3 … 8 ns
Wavelength (center) 1064 nm

Please contact us with your questions or customization requests.


This is an OEM model and intended for integration into application setups only, and not for laboratory use.  Relevant norms including ISO IEC 60825 to be applied by integrator.


This extremely compact and low-weight M-NANO laser is intended for OEM applications and can be built to provide energies in the range of 80-120 mJ at repetition rates in the range of 10-25 Hz. Pls inquire about custom specifications for your requirements.  The electronics/driver and the laser head module are integrated in an All-In-One configuration.  Just provide 24VDC to the unit, some commands over USB or RS232 and out comes the laser pulses.  For easy setup, a laptop-like external power supply is provided with the shipment for easy setup and installation. External trigger signals can also be provided very easily (unless internal triggering is used).


This particularly small laser is suited for space-constrained and handheld or portable applications as the total weight is <2 kg.


Benefits: In contrast to existing flash-lamp-pumped Nd:YAG technologies, this laser is laser-diode-pumped and the conductively cooled laser diode pump is included in the laser head. Not only the compactness but also lower electrical power consumption, lower weight, maintenance-free operation and improved beam quality, divergence and focussability are achieved and result in improved application results.


Applications: The compactness and low weight enable applications that were not possible with existing flash-lamp pumped technologies, including handheld or portable applications and other applications with critical space and/or weight constraints. Applications of these compact laser sources include – besides scientific applications – laser analytics, LIBS (Laser-induced break-down spectroscopy), optical component damage testing, PIV (Particle image velocimetry), LIDAR (Light detection and ranging), Photoacoustic Medical Imaging, Defense, optical amplification, etc.


Average output power up to >2.4 W @20Hz
Pulse energy, max. up to >120 mJ @20Hz
Pulse duration (FWHM) <8 ns
Wavelength (center) 1064 nm
Pulse repetition rate 20 Hz
Beam quality M², typical ~ 2 ... 3
Size (laser head incl. controller/driver)* 140 x 132 x 64 mm3
Cooling requirement provide heat sink @ 0...40°C
Power supply provide 24-28 VDC