M-NANO-GREEN 100 Hz / 50 mJ Nd:YAG All-In-One ns Laser [PR158]

Particularly compact and low-weight (<4kg) All-in-One 50mJ-level (100Hz), nanosecond green Nd:YAG laser head with integrated control electronics and laser diode current driver. Generates laser pulse energies up to 50 mJ (532nm), pulse durations of <8 ns at a pulse repetition rates of 80-100Hz, please inquire for other specifications.

Average output power 5 W
Pulse energy, max. 50 mJ
Pulse duration (FWHM) 3 … 8 ns
Wavelength (center) 532 nm

Please contact us with your questions or customization requests.


This extremely small laser head, given its energy and both average and peak power, is suited for space-constrained and portable applications (total weight <4kg). The laser can be integrated in the user’s setup and just needs to be mounted onto a sub-mount capable of taking the head away during operation to avoid heat accumulation. The user simply provides an external 24-28 VDC power supply and a pulse trigger (TTL) in case of external triggering.


Inquire about production variations of this high power nanosecond laser system for customization and application specific setups of this laser.


Applications include LIBS, LIDAR, Imaging and Scientific applications.


Average output power 5 W (532nm, 100Hz)
Wavelength (center) 532 nm
Pulse Energy 50 mJ (100Hz, 532nm)
Pulse repetition rate 100 Hz
Beam quality M2 (typical) ~3.5 (<5)
Pulse duration (FWHM) 6 ns (+/-3 ns tolerance)
Temperature test (storage) 0….40°C (in VCL4010 chamber)
Size (All‐in‐one)*** ~262 x 140 x 65 mm3
Size of laser head inside (2x) ~120 x 56 x 46 mm3
Cooling requirement provide heat sink @ 5 … 40°C
Supply voltage 24…28 VDC