M-NANO-OPO Nanosecond Tunable OPO Laser 660-1300nm

All-in-one air-cooled and 19"-racksize-compatible tunable nanosecond OPO laser with up to >20 mJ energy (@peak) with fiber-bundle ports for photo-acoustic applications or (optional) free-space outputs for the tunable (660-1300nm) and the 1064nm beam, respectively.

Average output power 0.4 W
Pulse energy, max. 1 ... 20 mJ
Pulse duration (FWHM) 3 … 8 ns
Wavelength (center) 660 ... 1300 nm Tunable

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Particularly compact, all-in-one and air-cooled nanosecond OPO-laser system pumped by an M-NANO-GREEN as the front end.  This product was developed in close collaboration with GWU-Lasertechnik in Germany.


The OPO (optical parametric oscillator) is manufactured by GWU-Lasertechnik in Germany, a renowned maker of OPO systems with many years of profound experience in this technology.


This OPO laser includes all electronics/drivers and cooling (air-cooling) and is ready-to-operate without any further driver or coolers, just provide the 24 VDC and perhaps some commands and the pulses come out!


The >20-mJ-level output (@ 690 nm) is available at the fiber bundle port (fiber-bundle is customer specific) or (optional) free-space output port #1, the residual 1064 nm with up to >100 mJ from the pump laser is available at the other port #2.


Fast wavelength switching is available: this OPO laser can switch the wavelength between two or more wavelengths on a shot-to-shot basis.


This particularly small and all-in-one OPO laser unit is suited for space-constrained and mobile applications (total weight ca. 16 kg), its size allows integration into a 19" rack housing.


A trigger output is provided which has a low delay and low jitter (<~1 ns) with respect to the actual laser pulse emitted.


The digital interfacing to this OPO laser unit is possible via RS232 commands or by USB. A software GUI is included as well as a 24VDC power supply for easy setup and control from a Windows PC (Win 10 upwards requirement, PC not included).


Benefits: Size and weight are exceptionally small for the laser output parameters reached and allows integration into compact and mobile setups or instruments.


Applications: Photo-acoustic imaging; Fluorescence; LIDAR; Illumination; Research and Others.


Wavelength (center) 660 ... 1300 nm tunable (OPO, port #1) & 1064 nm (Nd:YAG, port #2)
Pulse Energy >20 mJ @ 690 nm before fiber bundle (pls. specify)
Pulse repetition rate 20 Hz (or others on requ.)
Beam quality M2 (typical) <5 (1064 nm, before fiber bundle)
Fiber bundle optical aperture pls specify.
Fiber bundle transmission depending on model (pls specify type of fiber bundle)
Pulse duration (FWHM) 8 ns (+/-5 ns tolerance)
Temperature test (storage) 5….40°C (in VCL4010 chamber)
Trigger output TTL
Jitter TTL output – laser pulse <~1 ns (rms, 100 pulses)
Size (All‐in‐one) ~346 x 414 x 167 mm3
Size of Nd:YAG laser head module inside ~120 x 56 x 46 mm3
Ambient temperature 15 … 30°C
Supply voltage 24 VDC
Acoustics Quiet Operation