M-NANO-PIV Dual Head Nd:YAG All-in-One ns Double-pulse Laser [PR146]

Extremely compact and low-weight (<4kg) All-in-One 40mJ-level (15Hz), double-pulse nanosecond green Nd:YAG laser head with integrated control electronics and laser diode current driver. Generates dual laser pulses with energies up to 40 mJ (532nm) for each pulse at a pulse duration of <8 ns at 15 Hz, please inquire for other specifications.

Average output power 1.2 W
Pulse energy, max. 40 mJ
Pulse duration (FWHM) 3 … 8 ns
Wavelength (center) 532 nm

Please contact us with your questions or customization requests.


This extremely small double-pulse nanosecond laser, given its energy and peak power, is suited for space-constrained and portable applications (total weight <4kg). The laser can be integrated in the user’s setup and just needs to be mounted onto a sub-mount capable of taking the head away during operation to avoid heat accumulation. The user simply provides an external 24-28 VDC power supply and a pulse trigger (TTL) in case of external triggering.


Inquire about customization of this double-pulse nanosecond laser system for customization and application specific setups of this laser.


Applications include PIV - Particle Imaging velocimetry and double-pulse LIBS, as well as scientific applications.


Pulse energy (each of the 2 pulses) up to >40 mJ @ 532nm
Delay between pulses 0 us .... 300 us
Pulse duration (FWHM) 8 ns (+/-5ns)
Wavelength (center) 532 nm (SHG of Nd:YAG)
Pulse repetition rate 12.5 Hz inquire about others)
Beam quality M², typical 3
Size (laser head incl. controller/driver)* 265 x 178 x 65.5 mm3
Cooling requirement provide heat sink @ 0...40°C
Power supply provide 24-28 VDC