M-PICO-LAB Narrow-Spectrum Yb Picosecond Multi-Watt Oscillator [PR184]

Multi-Watt picosecond Yb laser with a modelocked pulse duration of 1 – 2 ps and a narrow, transform-limited optical spectrum. For scientific purposes, this breadboard-style laser oscillator is a lab-type, open-housing picosecond laser oscillator, that is based on a diode-pumped Ytterbium solid-state laser. Pulse formation is done by soliton modelocking resulting in clean, sech2-shaped pulses with a narrow, transform-limited optical spectrum. Operation in clean environment is recommended.

Average output power 4 W
Pulse energy, max. nJ ... uJ
Pulse duration (FWHM) 1 … 2 ps
Wavelength (center) 1030 … 1053 nm

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For scientific purposes, this breadboard-style narrow-spectrum Ytterbium picosecond modelocked oscillator provides stable 1-1.5ps pulse trains with a repetition rate around 75 MHz. The laser crystal is pumped by an external fiber-coupled laser diode (included, 19" rack controller housing size).


Particular feature of this laser is its transform-limited narrow and clean optical spectrum due to the soliton modelocking mechanism employed.


Pulsed, modelocked operation is self-starting and the 1-2ps operation shows excellent stability with respect to noise, modelocked-Q-switching instabilities and double pulsing. Modelocking is initiated by a Semiconductor saturable absorber mirror (SeSAM) optimized for picosecond operation. The user can open the lid and make changes or additions to the laser as he wishes. This provides ultrafast laser research groups with an easy and cost-effective jump start to get going with ultrafast laser pulses around 1040 nm for leading research applications.


Applications include seeding of amplifiers, pumping of OPOs, nonlinear microscopy, ultrafast spectroscopy, etc.


Average output power >0.2 ... 4 W
Pulse duration (FWHM, sech2) 1 ... 2 ps (pls specify)
Wavelength (center) 1030 ... 1053 nm (pls. specify)
Pulse repetition rate 76 MHz or specify
Beam quality M2 (typical) <1.1
Size of laser head (l x w x h) ~566 x 150 x 105 mm3