SYNC Option

Synchronization add-on (accessory) for mode-locked laser oscillators M-FEMTO or M-PICO to synchronize the laser pulse train to a customer-provided low-noise electrical sinusoidal or square wave reference signal.

Please contact us with your questions or customization requests.


This SYNC option comprises a phase-locked-loop with a fine piezo (PZT) cavity length adjustment feature for the laser resonator, and a coarse cavity length control by a motorized translation stage. It automatically keeps the mode-locked pulse train in synchronization with the reference signal with a low timing jitter.


Reference signal frequency* 77.760 MHz (or pls. specify)
Reference signal amplitude ~0 dBm into 50 Ohms required
Timing jitter

<500 fs (rms)

assuming low noise reference signal

Control electronics included in LDC laser controller or standalone
Windows PC not included, required (Win8 or higher)